Meet the band

Members KATY – vocals, CHRIS – guitar, ARNOLD – bass, RONNY – drums, MIKE S. – trumpet, MIKE R. – trombone – NICK – trombone – GENE – sax

ShitOuttaLuck is a band built on friendship. Playing a mixture of genres: Rock, Latin, Punk, Jazz, with a strong Ska underpinning, ShitOuttaLuck plays regularly to a loyal local following in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ShitOuttaLuck’s first full-length album “Your Know You Like It” was produced at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, engineered and mixed by Gabriel Shepherd (Cake – Certified Gold/Platinum) and mastered by Mike Romanowski at Paul Stubblebine Mastering. None of this was possible without excesses in blood, spit, tears, drama, bouts of sickness, video games, Brooke Burns calendars, and of course, Mexican food and Beer.

Their latest effort was recorded in their East Bay studio under the guidance of Gabriel Hurley, was mixed and mastered by Don Reynolds at Nexus Audio in Oakland, CA. “Been So Long” demonstrates the growth of the band’s talent for blending genres and crafting interesting and fun music.

ShitOuttaLuck appears on Bay Area Ska’s DIY compilation F%#@ing Free: Bay Area Ska Volumes 1 and 2.

“With a soulful-sounding woman singing lead, and with a talented cast of musicians with her, ShitOuttaLuck filled this room with happiness and joy.” –

“ShitOuttaLuck, at the very basic level, is a band after a very ambitious sound… the use of the horns brings the entire sound to the forefront, creating this full board tone, with plenty to pick out and pay attention to in the show… Katy, as a vocalist, is already working at a top level performance, with a very strong voice, a fireball personality…” –

“This band turns up the energy level a couple of notches without losing their self-effacing sense of humor. Translation: they are really fun to watch and they really rock!”
– East Bay Music Scene