good times in Santa Cruz

Speaking for myself, I had an awesome time last night in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst.  Katy and I carpooled down and while we were heading down 85, got a hold of Seth, veteran trombonist for SOL and one of my best friends going back to high school.  We picked him up on the way and met up with Chris in front of the club.


We were way too early for the show so we walked around Pacific Ave., eventually settling on Pacific Thai for supper.  I had the fresh spring rolls which were great.

After a nice meal, we headed back down to the club and met up with Ron, unloaded his gear and discovered we had a gigantic free pizza from the kitchen at the Catalyst.  I had to turn it down because I was already too full.

The rest of the band started arriving and we all sat around the pizza, chatting and chilling until it was time for the show to start.

Ruby Red was up first.  They sounded really good and I was surprised to hear later that they’ve only been together for a few months.  Katy was telling me later that night that she thought Amanda, their singer has a fantastic voice.

We were up next.  The stage setup is shallow, so we did our best to get all eight of us up there, but Nick got by rockin out on the floor while I spent most of the set worried about taking a dive into my bari which was on the floor in front of me.  Katy only tripped over my tenor stand once 🙂  Despite that, I felt pretty good about the set and definitely had a blast playing.  I think we all did!

Blaming Johnny was up next.  They’ve got a tight sound and a ton of energy.  I really enjoyed what I heard and I hope we’ll get to play with them again.

All in all a great Friday night and well worth the drive to see friends, share a meal and make some noise!

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