Still lookin’ for a trombonist

I posted this on craigslist last night.  Do you know someone that could help us find a trombone player?  Let us know!

ShitOuttaLuck ( is looking for a trombonist to join us. We rehearse in Fremont and play regularly in the Bay Area. We mix our genres: Rock, Latin, Punk, Funk, Jazz, Ska… it’s all stuff we like and have fun playing.

ShitOuttaLuck is an established (since 1998) six-piece, female fronted band (seven if you’re into us), and we’re in the midst of recording our second full-length album (read: we need trombone tracks too). If you have chops, a sense of humor, and most-importantly enjoy playing music in front of an upbeat and energetic audience, PLEASE check out our sound – and contact us!!!


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  1. Alright, I’ll quit my job…half-kidding…seriously, it’s been almost three years since I stopped playing full-time…

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