Subscription music is a pain, but.

I’m totally hooked on it. I’ve been using Yahoo Music Unlimited since September of 2005 with my Creative Zen mp3 player. That device along with the service saved my relationship with Angela. See, at the time, I was making frequent trips to the local record shop to purchase my music, usually at a rate of 3 or more CDs a trip. For about $15/mo, I can download subscription-based music from YME, which reportedly has 2 million songs in their library (200,000 albums doesn’t sound as impressive).

Like I said, it saved my relationship, but it also saved me a load of cash and I discovered some new music in the process. But I’ve had it. Time to move on. Here’s why.

1. No way to unsubscribe from music. This should be easy. I download something I later decide is total crap. I should be able to delete the song from my library. No good. The next time I connect my device, YME downloads it again. If I cancel the download and connect the device later, YME tries to download it again. If I delete it from the device, YME syncs the music I hate again. I run YME on two machines, and one device. Between the three, there appears to be no way to get out of the infinite download loop of death.

2. Disappearing songs. Because this is a subscription service, I have to re-sync my device at least every couple of weeks so I don’t wind up in my car on a long drive with an mp3 player that can’t play any songs because the subscriptions have expired. Frequently, I’ve connected my device only to discover that the tracks have “gone missing”. It’s probably an issue with Yahoo and the label, but it’s frustrating to me nonetheless.

3. Hanging. Something in the software chokes when completing song downloads. If I have a queue on songs downloading, forget using YME for anything else. Once a song gets to the end of it’s download status bar, the application becomes totally unresponsive for sometimes minutes.

4. Crash of Death. This has happened on several occasions on both of my systems. When I try to launch YME, I get the Runtime Error crash of death. The only fix has been to uninstall YME completely and reinstall. Well, this is the last straw. I spent hours trying to get YME to work again, searching knowledge bases, scouring the internet, completely uninstalling and re-installing the software, deleting my IE cache, and going as far as searching for other yahoo related files and deleting them (apparently when you uninstall YME, Yahoo doesn’t think it’s important enough to clean up all of the crap they put on your computer). No Dice. So forget it. I’ve had it.

yahoo sucking again.

I guess I’ll be moving on to Urge now.


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  1. Wow. I was just about to maybe start up Y! Music based on your (past) recommendations. Should I try Urge instead??? What if I continue to download torrent files semi-legally? Will I go blind???

  2. semi-legally? I doubt it. I really like the yahoo service, especially the recommendation engine. Anyway, I’ll probably try Urge. Angela has been using it for a couple of weeks and she thinks it’s okay. Otherwise, the only other choice is napster to my knowledge.

  3. Cool. Sounds like a plan.

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