Tom is right again

Tom told me to check out The Decemberists a while ago. I did, but I couldn’t get into them. But today, I’ve decided that The Decemberists are really good. I’ve got a Decemberists station running on Pandora right now. Originally, I had a real hard time getting over Colin Meloy’s voice, and the band’s style which smacks of the Moody Blues at first listen. I was listening to the 20-minute ep The Tain, and suddenly, my brain switched – I think I dig them afterall.

If you haven’t tried out Pandora (, you’ve gotta go over there and check it out. You create stations based on artists or songs you like. Then as it plays music for you, you rate the tracks. As your listening progresses, Pandora gets better at picking out songs that match what you want to listen to, based on the characteristics fo the music. It’s remarkably good at it – plus it’s free.

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