Kill Em’ All

Thats the problem, we’re a bunch of pussies, I don’t care, not all life is sacred, kill these animals, kill em all, its the only way to win.

Just ask your Grandfathers.

Rifle butt to the face would take care of that little throwing feces problem.
Lets let the human rights activists guard them, then see how long before they get their throats slit by their new friends.

God I’m Angry.


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  1. My grandfathers would vehemantly DISAGREE. Such behavior is disgusting, and I don’t doubt it happens – it happens in US prisons often enough to have a term, “gassing” It happened to my grandfather when he worked in an asylum for WWII solders. Kill ’em all, huh?

    I’m angry too. I’m sick and tired of hearing that just because I think basic human rights should be observed – like ensuring prisoners are fed, clothed and treated with a measure of respect (while securely locked away from the rest of society) – that this means I LOVE terrorists. Bullshit. There are human beings there (some of whom have had no due process of law). If we don’t treat them humanely, then how are we any better than the subhumans that crashed planes into the twin towers?

  2. Did you read the article?

    These prisoners get treated better than prisoners in our own prisons. Satellite TV, Harry Potter, religious observances special meals, I don’t want to go on.

    I am not concerned with the Enemies feelings. If it were WWII these guys would have been long dead, not kept around to plot escape and eventual Murder. I know you watch the History channel and sutch, watch a few on WWII and then tell me that the “greatest generation” were really blood thirsty sub-humans out to kill.

    My concern is with us and our soldiers, yet our politicians (on both sides my friend) are hampering their efforts and are getting them killed instead of the enemy.

    Want to win the war? I doubt I could get a yes or no answer out of you…

    Can the US ever win another war with the state of politics, the state of the media…

    Could the US win a war with a President who is anti-death penalty?

    Could someone from the ACLU win a war?

    Our enemy does not follow the “Rules of War” but all I hear are criticisms on how we wage war.

    One day the people of this country will wake to discover its gone, oh how I’d love to hear their reactions…

    I don’t delete posts. I like conversation and debate. If you want me to stop posting because the majority of my posts are negative, tell me, or just scrap the whole Blog portion of our site.

  3. I did read the article, which appears to have been plagiarized in part from an article published by the Department of Defense. Note that there is no author cited on The original article (not exactly propaganda) can be found here:

    You ask if I want to win the war, yes or no. Please, that’s the kind of thing weak-minded conservative pundits say. And the ACLU thing is ooooold. Do you even know what the ACLU does? Go look at their mission – they work to promote for freedom of speech, freedom of association and religion, for equal protection, the right of due process, and the right to privacy. That’s all good ol’ apple pie American Constitution stuff. Or is freedom something we wear on a lapel pin or a baseball cap? Something we spread to other countries by bombing the shit out of them and prop up leaders we hand pick?

    Tell me what a win will look like. No one has told me what a win will be other than painting tired metaphors with free-flying eagles ordering freedom fries at McDonald’s and freely giving Uncle Sam two big thumbs up from their oil guzzling Hummer.

    It’s obvious – even to folks like Colin Powell and Newt Gingrich – the war in Iraq is a failure. Change is going to have to happen. I don’t think this is going to be the kind of war where we’ll get to celebrate a V-day. You know, after November 27th, we have been in Iraq longer than we were in all of World War II. I’m starting to believe that we can’t win. It’s not the troops fault we’re losing, but how many more of them have to die for a war in Iraq (not to be confused with the war of terror)? Why do the political hacks make this into a win or lose debate? It’s because it’s an easier and hotter topic than the hard stuff – getting our troops home and stabilizing countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Guantanamo now holds about 395 detainees, almost none of whom have been charged with a crime. Why? Sorry, but if they were all dangerous badguys, then why can’t they be charged, convicted, and locked away forever? Due process isn’t about the enemies’ feelings, it’s about whether America stands for something worth fighting for.

  4. “The War in Iraq is a failure.”


    (pauses for thought and introspection.)

    Its that defeatist attitude that has made it a failure,

    It’s the election cycle that made it a failure,

    The poloticians,

    The Media, The Media, The Media.

    And us Americans.

    If you do nothing but say your going to lose, well, you usually become a loser.

    Just as well,

    If you repeat the lie enough, it becomes a norm.

    Why can’t we have yes and no questions and answers? Isn’t it best to boil down and simplify to solve complicated issues?

    Let’s clarify for you.

    Do you want to win the war on terror, effecivly eliminating all Islamic Jihadist groups that want to destroy the west, Jews, Christians,Buddists, Hindu’s, etc and anything that does not bow down to their religious ideology?

    I do.

    I’m fucking sick of hearing how bad we are over and over Gene. How we need to tip toe around and make sure we don’t do this or do that. They won’t show the enemy chopping heads off, yet they jump at the chance to show pictures of our soldiers in a scandal. And how about that jerk reporter who imbeded himself with the enemy to get footage of an American soldier being sniped?

    Paint us as a bunch of dumb hic’s to the world, wearing eagle shirts and giving thumbs up, that will convince those savy European’s, I mean they had it right when they were just taking oil bribes and selling weapons. (I eat french fries btw.)

    So how do we stabilize people who have known nothing but death, torture, war, great corruption and no freedom? Leave and let the gangsters take over? I have said time and time again how after the Iraq invasion we we’re not taking the right strategy…and I think it is possible to have and declare a victory in Iraq, but like most Americans these days, we have no will power. Its not easy, so forget it. Oh Well, whatever.

    “You know, after November 27th, we have been in Iraq longer than we were in all of World War II.”


    Because we fucking decimated our enemies in WWII. They were also a force in uniforms. How long did we stay in Germany and root out the last of the SS and remnants of the Nazi regime?

    I was in a bad mood when I started this post, I am just so sick of being told we are the bad guys.

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