New site is up. Huzzah!

I’ve been secretly working on this for awhile and wonder how long it’ll take for folks to notice our new digs.

Tom and Lance and Ted all swear by WordPress, so it’s only reasonable that I follow the crowd.  I actually have done quite a bit with DotNetNuke and while I think it’s an excellent application, especially for building websites, I was stuck with .Text blogs which were outdated – a fact that would only continue to make posting and any future migration plans impossible.  The blogging module for DNN is pretty nice, but it’s not got the hordes of users and developers that WP has.  At the end of the day, both systems have their advantages.  Don’t get me started about Drupal…

So enough nerding out for now.  I’m actually really excited about the prospect of being able to blog regularly once again, now that I have a cool new toy to post on.

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