First off, I laughed at the picture at the top, which at first glance looks like Dennis and a big group of his supporters…then as you scan right…yep, those are the same two people on the left! HAHAHA, was this was the most people they could round up?! Then as you look closer…hmmmm what’s that on their signs…John Kerry for president?!  HAHAHAHAHA! He couldn’t get a picture with his own supporters, so they use one after he lost his bid to Kerry?! Thats when I started to wonder if Dennis had actually even been in the original shot…

I didn’t even finish the article, it was hard enough to make it through the first paragraph…Who are we fighting, Dennis? Can some one give Mr. Kucinich a pop quiz? Who in your mind is our enemy, sir? What war? WHO ARE YOU AT WAR WITH?

I see a frail-old-confused man. This is one of our leaders?

Right off the bat he says there will be no dialog with the president, or anyone else for that matter…my way or the highway, and if we just stop sending money…


OK, lets starve our troops and stop sending the body armor and beefed up Humvee’s that your party cried about, lets quit rebuilding, lets leave the country so the criminals can take it over like the last time we left early.

Meanwhile, back here in California, our elected officials are worried about the following;

Barbara Boxer is more concerned about Global Warming and prosecuting Republicans…


Diane Fienstein is more worried about the Forty Niners using San Francisco’s name after they move 45 mins down the road.

Two Old white ladies too concerned about their own interests, and now we have another old white lady in control of the house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Just what America needs at this critical point in history, an old lady in power.

Nevermind that news story about a Chinese sub that was following our fleet, watching as they preformed war game manuevers just the other day.

Nevermind the fact that Russia and China seem to be military partners.

Nevermind the fact that North Korea has a nut making nuclear threats.

Nevermind the fact that ol’fat head from Venesuela has been spewing anti-americanism as well as meeting with Castro, Ahmadinejad and other enemies of ours.

Nevermind the movement of weapons and fighters through the middle east.

Nevermind Irans pursuit of a nuclear arsenal, and its leaders remarks about wipeing another country off the map.

Nevermind the conflicts around the globe where Muslims can’t seem to live in peace with their non-muslim neighbors.

Just what America needs, an old lady. She’ll guide us through.

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