I think I’ll start a list of dummies that I would love to see disappear from the world stage.

The other day I cringed as some “news” program some how managed to waste a whole half hour on Madonna and how she kidnapped a baby from Africa, no, she saved a kid, wait, ordered a kid…A fake person with a fake accent, fake plastic sergurey face and matching fake body, tell the world how real she was, and how the publicity stunt before us was not a publicity stunt to quell the last publicity stunt…Go away Madonna! Isn’t her time up?!

And now this Dummy. Kanye West. Next he’ll say All Europeans hate Black people as well. Its a Video, Kanye. The Dummy with the most money doesn’t allways win. Whats funnier is the voting was left up to the European public…So Kanye verbally pisses all over the European market, which I’m sure his reps will be thrilled about. Have’nt we heard enough out of this Dummy? Next he’ll come out and apologize, and claim it was a Botched Joke.



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