So, whats the plan again?

I seen this on MSN, and jumped on it. The Dems have a plan? Ok, Newsweek has done the in-depth work to finally show Americans that the Dems do have a plan. Great. I’d like to hear it. I’ll be fair, open minded…I’m throwin out a bone…

And I get half way through three pages…No plan….something about questioning Republicans…courts…err…wait, reading on, Nancy Pelosi says they don’t want to persecute all Republicans, just most.

Ok, almost done with the article, no plan yet…wait…wait for it…Something about health care…free drugs? No, no plan mentioned…Whats that? College tuition breaks…refunds…huh? No, no plan…Stem Cell…..what? No, I don’t think mentioning Stem Cells (something most Americans don’t know or care about.) constitues as a good plan for turning America around. I was hoping for some substance out of the Dems, but all I got  was talking points, and more bitter partisanship.

And all the writer could come up for when it came to Iraq, is that if they win they will have to tell us what they’re plan is…uhhhh. This is simply stupid. The Dems are little children. The Repubs are corupt grown ups. Neither want to work together, and none are concerned about what we the people want, because we the people are drunk on freedom.

Throw your vote away. Vote third party.



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