Solution to the World “Leader” problem.


We all hate them, we all have to take them.

Except for the Elite, Public Officials, World Leaders, and Sports Stars.

How about Drug testing for our Politicians? Amen brother! And why not?! Most of us usefull idiots must pass drug screening to get a job, but our elected officials do not. Why not? I DONT KNOW!!! It makes sence, right?

Moving along, how about psychological tests for our world leaders? Oops, sorry Mr. Jong IL you are 100% fucking nuts and therefore we are going to have to remove you to the closest scientology center for evaluation from Dr. Cruz…

Mr. A-madd-jihad you have failed to pass our “Do you like Jews” test, and also have been deemed 100% fucking nuts, we’re gonna have to send you to the oil fields to dig in the sand. sorry. Thanks for playing.

Yup. For you hippie’s we’ll test George W. Ted Kennedy, and Anybody with the name Kennedy for that matter, breathalizer before every vote.

How about IQ tests? Do you want a Dummy running your country?

Minimum Sat?

How bout if they PASS the bar exam, we don’t let them hold public office at all?

Driving tests? Sure.

Lets hook up a lie detector to Putin.

Human rights test for Hu ever Mae be supreme leader of China.

Good bye Hugo.

Castro who?


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