Uuugggggggggggg…… . . . .


My lady friend leaves, and I am like a 13 year old with his parents out of town….

I feel like ass. No, not a smooth ass, I’m talkin beer-drinking-bbq-eatin-morning-after-ass. I was up till at least 3am and now I am at work taking a break…wish I could take a break from this haze I’m in.

Friday S.O.L. rocked the “Happy Birthday Room” at Nickel City in San Jose, which to my suprise turned out to be a good time.

Saturday I played at Turtle Bay Bar & Grill with my jazz trio, and we had a trumpeter and a floutist show up and play a few tunes, they were both great players.

My brain hurts.

This was a bad idea.

Coffee was a bad idea.

Using up all my sick days was also a bad idea.

Roach Coach just arrived, here goes another bad idea…



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