Rock Steady Lounge Earns Milpitas some Scene Points

Monkey invited us to play at Rock Steady Lounge last friday and it was really fun. Pacific Palms Grill is a great venue – nice big bar, you can get an appetizer plate and who knows what else from the grill (but it looks good), some pool tables, lots of parking, the place is clean, and the stage area, while it isn’t elevated except for a drummer’s riser, it’s big enough to stretch out and have a fun set.

Monkey played first and after a month on the road and throughout the set shared some funny stories from thir cross-country adventures. It’s been awhile since I’ve last seen them and with three horn players sounded full, and tight. It’s probably the best set I’ve heard from them since I first saw them open for Yeska’s cd release at Slims almost a decade ago. If you haven’t seen them play or haven’t in awhile, go. It’s worth it.

We got on and sweated a bunch, played loud and fast, and generally rocked it. Our rehearsal space neighbor happened to show up to see Monkey and FTB and was suprised to see us there too. Small world!

FTB got up and closed out the night and we all sweated some more as they kept the energy up right to the end. Did I mention it was 100+ degrees in Milpitas?

Sweatily, stinkily, and contentedly, we went into the night. A good time had by all.

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