Actually blog about music, me, a musician, with a site for my band…well, it’s not mine, but you get the drift…

And I hardly ever write about music.

Well, here we go.

Lets start with what I have been up to, in the “scene.”

Along with SOL, I have been playing some Jazz again, joining a trio which I play with just about every weekend. The group is called The Brian Ho Trio, after the pianist who formed the group. It’s been cool, we play mostly out of the real book(s) and our venue’s are resturaunts and lounges. Free grub, free drinks and a nice little pay check when I’m done. I also am in the process of forming another trio that will be a little more adventurous and original, so I will keep all posted…BTW we are looking for a BASSIST for this trio, the pianist is a badass, soooooooooo…hit me up.

Also, remember SOL still needs a Trombonist, so call yo friends, we have a trombone curse I think… 

Oh yeah, I also landed myself a church gig, so yeah…they let this heathen into a place of worship, it really must be “END TIMES!”

SO, busy,busy,busy, I played a semester with the SJSU percussion ensemble to keep my concert skills up, and just tryin to turn a buck with my drums…

Also I picked up myself a set of congas, LP Aspires, entry level drums, and I got three for a steal.

I have changed my SOL set up, and hope to put up some specs on my equipment and setup for you gearheadz and drummers.

Sweet, gotta go, I smell meat burning…


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